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Admiral 250 / 500

The TechAdhesion adhesive application systems are designed to melt and pump wide range of viscosity hot melt adhesives. A heated tank assembly melts the solid adhesive which is then gravity fed to a AC motor driven gear pump that transfers the melted adhesive under hydraulic pressure through a heated hose to a heated applicator.

Main Features:

◆ 25, 50, 75, 100 & 300 kg Tank Capacity
◆ Up to 4 motors
◆ Melt-On-Demand Teflon coated tank reduces char buildup
◆ High melt rate up to 120 kg/hr
◆ PID temperature control with PT100 sensor accuracy minimizes adhesive degradation and reduces maintenance
◆ PLC Control systems from TechAdhesion, Keyence and Rockwell are available
◆ Easy access of key system components, meet international design and safety standard
◆ Adhesive pressure relief valve and high temperature limiter provide safe operation
◆ recision Single or Dual positive displacement gear pump
◆ Adhesive volume output from 0.75 to 45 cc per revolution
◆ Hardened steel pump gears and shafts
◆ Option of Zenith and Mahr metering gear pump are available