TechAdhesion® (TA)
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TAD/ TPB Slot Die Applicators

Main Features:

The TechAdhesion has two types of slot die module TAD & TPB which valves are air open air close design. TAD & TPB SLOT DIE Coating Head is a multi module hot melt adhesive applicator assembly with integrated basket filters. It prevents particulate matter from contaminating the head. The applicator is supplied as a standard component for use with TechAdhesion constant pressure hot melt Adhesive Supply Units ASU.

Each TA Slot Die Coating head features multi TAD or TPB adhesive valve modules mounted to a service block. Each module is opened and closed by air pressure. Springs are used to keep the stem closed when no air pressure is supplied to the head. The rate of adhesive flow from the applicator is determined by the adhesive pressure applied by the ASU pump, the size of the shim installed in Die Nozzle and the stem stroke adjustment of TAD (No adjustment on TPB module).

◆ TPB pull back design, patent technology
◆ Precise high speed intermittent application
◆ High performance pattern cutoff reduces products failure and increases productivity
◆ TPB high speed intermittent adhesive pattern for garment attachment and wings tape applications
◆ TPB - Guarantee excellent cutoff at 2500 cycles/minute
◆ Application width up to 500 mm
◆ Air Open Air Close valve, max. 3500 on/off cycle speed per minute
◆ Stainless steel module, longer life service compared to Aluminum
◆ Built-in filter basket is high in efficiency and reduces contamination
◆ Special die lip design to perform stable adhesive pattern
◆ Four access glue inputs design, user friendly
◆ Flexible coating pattern of label and business form applications and complete, partial and stripe coating
     for Lamination