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KTF Constant Tension Control System

Main Features:

This system prevents yarn-tying so the machine does not stop and thus saves time. Also, this system reduces material costs. This system reduces unstable tension which is generated during the constant yarn feeding. This system keeps an unsuitable tension due to the feeding at a minimum level. KTF is installed in this system which is well known as a tension control device. Elastic tension detected by tension sensor is transported to motor running synchronously and stabalizing the tension. Elastic with more than 200 dtex is available, espacially for thick thread.

◆ Power Consumption: Max. 300 W
◆ Feeding Speed, Max. 2500 m/mim
◆ Tension, programmable Tension 0.5 gr to 99.5 gr
◆ Standard system has 4 spindles.
◆ The tension controller (KTF) can be installed separately.
◆ Tension meter for the production management is available. (Option)
◆ Data management system is available. (Option)
◆ Feed elastic constantly ( with roller adding tail.
◆ Standard feeding device to change roller easily.
◆ Separator is to prevent winding as moving up and down when feeding
◆ Adjusting device with wheels making the system move and install easily.