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Stacker & Automatic Packaging Machine

The horizontal stacker consists in a 90° twisting conveyor belt driven by an AC motor, an horizontal chain with paddles driven by a brushless motor, and one exit for stacks. (Vertical Stacker is available.)

The stacker exit is configured for automatic bag-filling, and includes accessories for four stack configuration.

The stacker designed and produced by TechAdhesion is a new conception unit having classical form of triangular plant with crossed belts at the entry for the rotation of the product.

The stacker is completely self-regulating from production line, equipped with self-working motor, encoder to be positioned on the production line to receive the signal of phase.

This unit works for triple folded sanitary napkins, baby / adult diapers, panty lines, underpads, pull on products. Complete with one ejector in central position and parallel to the longitudinal machine axes for automatic packaging machine. Also manual exit is available for manual packaging.

It could be combined with any other automatic packaging machines on request

Main Features:

◆ No. per stack : 5 - 20 pcs, (S. Napkin) ; 8 - 32 pcs (Diaper)
◆ No. of stacks / minute : up to 50 (S. Napkin / Diaper)
◆ Diaper - Single / Double Rows available
◆ Save Labor Cost
◆ Chain Step : 1/2" (12.7 mm)
◆ Compression of diapers stacks by 20% of the space
◆ Max. open space for diapers expulsion on the exit: 800 mm.