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Admiral Piston 04/08/16/32L

The TechAdhesion adhesive application systems are designed to melt and pump a wide range of viscosity hot melt adhesives. The heated tank assembly melts the solid adhesive which is then gravity fed to a 14:1 Piston Pump that transfers the melted adhesive under hydraulic pressure through a heated hose to a heated applicator.

Main Features:

◆ Tank Capacity 4/8/16/32 liters with Piston Pump Melt On Demand Adhesive Tank
◆ 2 Hoses / Heads Standard, 6 H/H Capacity
◆ Light Touch Keypad
◆ Self-diagnostic Admiral Control PID Digital Temperature Control with PT100 Sensor Accuracy
◆ High / Low Temperature Alarm
◆ Slot Lock Type Removable Cover for Easy Maintenance Access
◆ Non-Circulating Tank with 14:1 Double Action Piston Pump
◆ 10/20 kg/hr. Melt Rate
◆ Max. Pump Rate 24 kg/hr.
◆ Temp. Range 40~220 °C
◆ Electrical Power Supply :220~240 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz 380 VAC, 3 phase, Wye, 50/60 Hz
◆ Power Capacity at 220 VAC 7200 watts
◆ Max. Operating Glue Pressure 86 bar (1200 psi)