TechAdhesion® (TA)
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TAS, TAW, TMS Spiral Spray Applicators

TAW Super Swirl

TMS Mini Swirl
Elastic / Strand Coating

◆ Less Clogging
◆ Low Maintenance
◆ Easy Cleaning
◆ Spray air pressure, from 5-6 psi
◆ Coated Weight as low as 2.5 gsm

Main Features:

◆ Dual way heating design, independent preheated air to provide better swirl glue size and improve bond
◆ TAS Spiral Spray Nozzle made by laser cut, higher quality and higher spray performance
◆ Air Open Air Close valve design, high speed intermittent and continuous adhesive pattern
◆ Built-In Filter basket, high efficiency and reduces contamination
◆ Stainless steel modules with longer life of service compared to aluminum