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TAF/TMF Fiber Spray Applicators

Main Features:

The TechAdhesion TAF/TMF FIBER Head is an air operated, multi module hot melt adhesive applicator assembly with integrated basket filters. It prevents particulate matter from contaminating the head. The applicator is supplied as a standard component for use with TechAdhesion constant pressure hot melt adhesive supply units ASU.

Each TAF/TMF Fiber head features multi TAF adhesive valve modules mounted to a service block. Each module is opened and closed by air pressure. Springs are used to keep the stem closed when no air pressure is supplied to the head. The rate of adhesive flow from the applicator is determined by the adhesive pressure applied by the ASU pump, the size of the nozzle orifice and the stem stroke adjustment.

◆ Up to 40—60 % adhesive savings
◆ Up To 40-~60 % glue saving at the same bond strength; 60 % higher in bond strength at the same
     coated weight
◆ Patented Technology
◆ Precise control of adhesive fiber size and placement
◆ Single plate of glue path, easy to clean, no need of long time oven
◆ Low viscosity (50~100 cps) application
◆ 0.5 gsm Lowest coated weight
◆ Uniform fiber deposition, less resistance fluid adsorb speed
◆ Single screw nozzle attachment for quick change
◆ Up to 5.0 m width
◆ Long life stainless steel nozzle
◆ Different design nozzle for option of different applications
◆ Designed for single or multi-strand Coating
◆ Direct coating of over 80% of adhesive on the strand